Best Buds for life

Hi there!

I am actually jumping on my chair a teeny weeny bit. This is my first skillshare project!! 

Thanks Elizabeth. I saw your project and started of straight away. It was a lot of fun to do, and you made it fun as well. I love your enthusiasm! I also love love LOVE inkpad! So intuitive. My go-to program was Adobe ideas, but I like keeping curves. A lot of the other (paid) vector apps were not treating me very well, but this one was love at first sight!

I enjoyed working on this bigtime. I have two newborns and a toddler and don't get out much. Usually I'm too tired to do something creative as well, simply because it involves grabbing paint/ink etc etc. I also used to do a lot of digital design, but my computer is just not conveniently located while taking care of the twin babies. Working on just paper and on the ipad made this much easier! I first wasn't going to upload my project, but I feel like I should. I am carrying around my sketchbook and microns all around the house again, and my (old) pile of doodles is growing by the day again. Thanks for being in inspiring Elizabeth! (oh and I got the Dutch flow magazine with your paper!!!!)

I managed to take some pics after I was done. I didn't get to making a lookbookbut I will when I have time. It will probably be within a few years haha.

So here goes;


And more doodling (I decided to work a little more on the top left sketch)

Refining (I didn't like the dotty flowers)

So I ended up with only 2 objects made up out of several flowers. Mainly because I thought this would make a nice repeating pattern tile. 

Ipad and Bamboo time!


I copied/rotated and placed them in a good setup. I also changed the linewidth to add a little more oompff. Then I copied them again, flattened, made it al white, played around a bit and sent it to background. I liked the more layered look.

I considered tearing the diamonds apart in Illustrator and play around with all the tiny flowers and things, but I like how it turned out. From a distance it almost looks like a damask kind of pattern. Not the flowers and colors, but mostly the composition.

Final Tile

Final Pattern 3x5

I really wanted to play around with the colors a bit more but.. diapers... So I am sorry you have to deal with my first color pick in Inkpad haha. 

Well that's it. Now I will go see what everyone else made!



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