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Bespoke - Shoes that speak for something


The final version of this project is now here:



I'm well behind, but still motivated. Finished my first edit of my project. There's a few rough spots, and I'd LOVE to re-record the audio interview, but I'm pretty pleased with this cut. I'll be reworking it again to tighten up some of the shots (I think some are a touch too long) and work in some more stills. 

If people are still checking in, I'd love some feedback.


View here:


I finally got to shoot for an afternoon with Peter.

His workspace is really fascinating with great colours and textures. I think I got some pretty good shots. I'm worried my audio isn't quite good enough so I'm hoping to record a second interview with him that I can use for voice over throughout. 

I was lucky to arrive on a day when Peter was actually finishing up a beautiful pair of brown shoes for a client.

Here he is working with his hammer:

I'm hoping to cut some of the video this week... I know I'm behind etc. but I'm still committed to getting this portrait done. :)


Please forgive the “Webster’s defines __________ as" cliché...


The word bespoke derives from the verb bespeak, which means to “speak for something.”

Since this project is about telling a story—about speaking for something—I’m choosing as my subject, my friend, Peter Feeney.

Peter is a craftsman, making bespoke footwear in Toronto. He made me the best pair of shoes I own (and likely will ever own) this past year and his commitment, creativity and passion are an inspiration to me and many who know him.

My goal is to capture his process; the blood, sweat, tears and many, many espressos he puts into each pair of shoes he makes. It’s a tough grind and he is finally seeing some real signs of growth. 

I think Peter, his studio, and, of course, his incredible shoes— not to mention how pleased his clients are—present many rich opportunities for some really great shots and a good story. I’m hoping this piece will be good enough for him to use for his website or that I can possibly pitch to a media outlet in Toronto.

But this will be my first video project since high school, so I’m certainly measuring my expectations…

I haven’t had a chance to chat with Peter about this project as he has been out of the country, but I’m hopeful he’ll be a willing subject. (fingers crossed).

Plus, he has a darn cute dog, so I'm sure he'll make an appearance too. 

You can see Peter's work at


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