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Bespoke Durango

First, I'm very excited about this course. I am a beginner and have not created or launched a website/blog before. I am in the midst of starting what some may call a social innovation incubator with a focus on local manufacturing using local resources in my community of Durango, CO. 

I am a strong believer that there is an inherent need for goods and services to come from within the community, a need and a desire for local, living communities. To organize an incubator model would  support and encourage social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, local manufacturing using local resources. This program is aimed to build an ecosystem that involve social, environmental and economic systems within the community.

So, that's my scoop! I look forward to hearing from you and learning a TON! 

Thank you! 


Assignment 1: 

Assignment 2:

Got it! Holy cow!  


Now to show the screen shot using the custom theme zip file that you instructed us to use....Also, posted this in Discussion/Questions for your review.

Please see below. 


Newest version as of March 29, 2013:

I created several pages, played around with the color of background, type, etc. My logo is the cropped image of the fabric swatches, however when I tried to install another theme to play around  with other theme styles, I got boxed out... no luck.

I had the dreaded box that asks for connection information... hostname, FTP username... You know what I'm talking about. For now, this is as far as I can go without cracking the code (no pun intended) and can move forward to install plugins and possible new themes. 


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