Beryl | Skillshare Projects

Karen Murray

Illustrator & Designer




I was really glad to see that the advice in this class is largely the process that I have found aids me when trying to create a new illustration or design. For instant, this piece was initially encouraged by a photograph of girl in a similar pose. I loved the pose so much I new I wanted to use a similar pose in an illustration of a young woman. So there we have the 'Inspiration' step.

The 'Ideation' stage was trying to come up with this woman's personality. Using a lot of research, I played about with different facial features, different hairstyles and clothing, creating numerous thumbnail sketches to try to pull together a cohesive idea. After a while, I came upon Beryl, a girl with green gems, short, dyed hair, and a modern Art Nouveau air.

For 'Drafting', I started off with rough sketches of a more detailed version of my thumbnail, and then iterating the sketches I liked most into a more complete and accurate drawing.

'Incubation' was bascially the taking the time between finishing work one day and starting the next to take a breather from the idea. The next morning I was able to decide which idea I liked best, adding a few last changed I had mulled over in the break time.

And, of course, the 'Execution', actually refining my favourite idea, and then using it as a basis for the final illustration, and creating this piece in pencil and water colour. Hope you enjoy. You can find out more about this piece over on my blog.


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