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Kait Beaudette

Restless Maker



Bertrand Sibling Crest

WIthout thinking about it too much, here's my first pass.

Crest is to represent the odd but awesome bunch that is my sibs and I. Now that we are all adults splitting off into our own lives (with new names and what not), it seemed fitting to have something to represent the Bertrand sibs, now and forever.

What defines my siblings and I?

"Oops". Coffee. Dropping things. Forgetting where we put our coffee. Remembering minute details of everything else around us. Dad's exhasperated but loving phrase, "Well, at least you're booksmart."

And the progression:


Reference ribbons penned into this, which was modified around the crest as I went.


Crest aiming at simplicity. No crazy adornments, florals, lions, etc. -- Made the shield a little curvier.


 Coffee coffee coffee. Made a laurel-ish element. Ended up as a background rather than flanking the shield.

Also played with these two phrases:

Oops. oops OOPS

"Well, at least you're booksmart".

And BAM, Version 1:



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