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Raphael Thirouin

Graphic designer / Videographer - France



Bert Thirouin Family Crest

Hi there,

I'll try to describe how I got there. Forgive me for my bad froggy english.

So I decided to take a snapshot of the little family I recently founded insted of digging deep.

We love to ride (ski, surf, bike, skate...) Even my little girl (19 month) want's to ride !

We like camping, drinking wine. We also like to make make noise with our butt and laugh about it... Yup sorry about that...

So I decide to try to make a skate instead of a shield.

The skate looks too mush like a shield. I dont want that. OK enough for tonight.

The day after, I look at that mask on my wall. In fact, there are masks evrywhere in our home. They are gifts from our parents who had several trip in africa. Tada ! Here is a way to avoid the shield look and folows Aaron's path.

The laurel makes it feel like a ghost trying to scare someone with his arms. I keep that.

THe two bottles brings too much alcool int the logo and I'm not happy with the fonts. Still trying to keep the board as simple as possible.

Ok now I try not to mess it up with the colors... I armonise all to make it consistent (the sapacing, outlining the tittle font, keeping two thickness of line...)

I finally chose two colors with a dark brown to have a nice contrast. The tent becomes a mountain, to symbolise outdoor, that i think is much representative of what we do, who we are...

So that's it, here is what our family is about. Feedbacks are welcome.


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