Berry and Floral Bouquet

Berry and Floral Bouquet - student project

I really liked the approach this class took - creating using quite graphic cut shapes and then softening them somewhat by adding extra hand drawn elements. I really enjoyed chosing the shades of tissue and seeing how overlapping parts effected the overall shade, so I played around with that. 

Berry and Floral Bouquet - image 1 - student project

I was mindful of Claire's instructions regarding floristry, that stems and flowers will flow outwards. As well as the black Micron I used Zig watercolour pens to create more line work. In the rose on the right I used a wet brush over the Zig to see how it would turn out - I was uncertain about the result though.

Berry and Floral Bouquet - image 2 - student project


In the reference I was using there were a lot of berries so I decided to add quite a few to the negative space which also made for a nice contrast with the larger elements. 

Berry and Floral Bouquet - image 3 - student project

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and hope to use this technique more within my surface design portfolio, perhaps mixing it up with watercolour.

Ohn Mar Win
Illustrator surface designer teacher
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