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Bernadette's project!

Hello! I am a 26-year old gal living in Los Angeles with my dear friend as my roommate. I am young and don't have the luxury of a lot of space or abundance of funds ;) but I would like to do the best I can with this little nook I call home! I work for Anthropologie as a store manager and do some graphic design and photography in my spare time. An ecceletic but well-tailored aesthetic is what I try to strive for, and I want that to reflect in my little apartment!


Couch: I do love this window as a backdrop, the giant tree outside makes it feel like I'm living in a treehouse! The couch is great, it folds down into a bed when guests stay. Right now the pillow and blanket arrangement is too symmetrical and not whimsical enough. I also feel like I need more texture here. 

Here's the coffee table in front of the couch - I love the simple and mid-century feel to it. 

Bed: a big *sigh*. Look at those sad pillows and floppy comforter! This bed needs a lot of styling help. I'm really hoping to purchase some all-white bedding soon. 

Bookshelf: Another area in need of a lot of TLC. While my style is eccelctic and I tend to collect little tchatkis, I am evolving toward a style that is a bit more minimalist, and by that I mean that I want everything in my home to have a purpose and not be mere display. I would like to mix that utilitarian ideal in with some of my quirky and ecclectic treasures to make my house feel like a home. 

Credenza: a small home to our TV and a lamp. But look at that wood wall! It is a treasure amidst most cookie-cutter apartments in LA. I'd like to pull some of that texture into the display on the credenza. 

Here is my inspiration Photo that illustrates the 8 principles:

This little girl's room is to die for :)

1) Needs: the bed, shelves, what I assume to be a toy chest, and room for play!

2) Shape: the teepee and the big pointy stars bring really interesting shape to this photo

3) Color: I love the abundance of white as a backdrop to make the light/pastel color palette work well with some pops of color. 

4) Pattern: the pillows in the chest and the comforter are bringing the patterns in this photo

5) Texture: the wood headboard and brick walls add some great background texture to her room

6) Placement: kids rooms surely get trashed regularly, but I like the simplicity here that allows more room for play/imagination and not just tons of toys and games. 

7) Bling: that gold frame brings an ornate feel!

8) Botanicals: sadly, none here :( But I can easily imagine some soft plants in the room - probably not a vase of flowers which could easily get knocked over, but instead, a fern of bright green or a bunch of some paper flowers (like West Elm is making right now) in the crate shelves, or arranged in a garland atop the headboard. 


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