Lies Van Winkel

Illustrations and smiles




Hello there!

First of all: great class!

Secondly, I'm going to be an disobedient student and i'm not going to make a movie poster. I am currently planning a little citytrip to Berlin and I want to make a poster about the city of Berlin. But offcourse in the retro style of the movieposters. I hope this is okay?

First brainstorm (Source: Pinterest):

I believe in a simplistic presentation so i don't want my poster to be stuffed with information. On the other side, I do want to insert some information in the poster (not just 1 image). A balancing exercise...

My first sketches in Illustrator:

I must say i'm a paper and pencil - girl but this way of working could grow on my. One tine disadvantage is that i cannot work very detailled like this...

Final poster of Berlin (I combined two of my favourite things: food and travel :-)...): 

Any thoughts or tips, always welcome!

Thanks Julian, I learned a lot! (in Dutch) Ik denk dat ik wel zou kunnen wennen aan het werken met de Blob-tool... :-) Tot de volgende Skillshare-les!


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