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Bergstrom Family Crest


I'm giving an ode to both sides of the family in this crest. First and foremost the Sweedish side, which is where the name 'Bergstrom' comes from. 

Bergstrom or Bergström is a Swedish surname. It derives from the Swedish words berg meaning mountain and ström meaning stream.

To the extent this is really all I know of my fathers family, is that we are Sweedish and somewhat French Canadian. However, aside from my father most of that side of the family has been absent, so finding info on the rest is a little difficult. 

Heywood \hey-wood\ as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Heywood is "hedged forest".

This is my mothers side of the family, and despite the English roots we are very much your sterotypical Italian family. We talk loud, we eat too much, and occasionally we bicker. That aside my grandparents were some of the best people I ever knew. I lost them at age 8 and 14, and as I get older (24 now) everyone in my family says how much I remind them of my grandparents. This crest will be heavily influence by the short amount of time I had with them. 

I grew up in Western Mass, which holds a special place in my heart, the Pioneer Valley to be exact. It's home to a lot more than people give it credit for. We invented Basketball and Volleyball, YOU'RE WELCOME. When I grew up "Riverside" which is now Six Flags New England was the place to go. I spent more birthdays there than I can remember, it was always an annual trip. I also remember doing lots of fishing with my Dad, making paper airplanes with my Pop, and much more. 

We were always outdoors it seemed and if we weren't we were in a movie theatre, or my Non was showing me things like Hitchcock on her TV. Wether they knew it or not, there was a lot of the visual arts happening, along with the appreciaton of things that were 'made by hand.' My Pop, Mom, and Dad have a nack for that.


These are just some of the logos I found while doing research. As I said Riverside is a huge part of my families life, I think every single member of my family has been there.

Also, a Western Mass Fun Fact: We have the lowest zip code (aisde from government buildings) in the USA...01001-Agawam Mass.


In Illustrator 

This is what I have come up with so far. Slowly but surely, mind you I'm no illustrator expert. The bridge represents the two sides of the Conneticut River. I based it off the South End Bridge that connects Springfield MA and Agawam MA, where my parents are both from. The Airplane laurel ( I hope they come across like that ) are all about my Pop and I. It is all we would make. 

I also created a Mini "Zissou" Hat. My best friends and I have a weird obsession and a lot of stories realted to the "Life Aquatic" I only found it fitting to add this, not sure how to use it just yet. 

A Potential Use

I would love any and all feedback at this point going forward.


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