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Bent 8 MFG



Bent 8 MFG



Secret inside hem screen print.


Size heat transfer

Welcome to Bent 8 MFG


My concept is to take the numbers and lettering that adorned the doors of the early style hot rods of the 1940’s to 50’s.

The signage was usually hand lettered paint or taped on with its own individual style, allowing imperfections in typography

To me the early days of hot rod culture represent a time when you worked hard to produce not only the highest quality products achievable but also constantly try to improve as them well. Quality came first, profit followed.

Its was a time when friends worked together as a team, sharing parts and knowledge and expecting nothing in return.

If you won the drag race, great, bragging rights, if you didn’t you put your heads together and worked it out. Elders were resected

Im trying to combine these value’s I live my life by with the vintage graphic element of the past.

I want the people who purchase this t-shirt to feel like they are getting more than just a printed T-Shirt

My tagline is DRIVE THE EXTRA MILE. (which means putting that extra effort in everything you do.)


I have sourced the best quality slim fit t-shirt i can find.

• 180 GSM 100% cotton
• Shoulder to shoulder tape
• Fabric pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage
• Double needle bottom hem and sleeve

Front Print

For the front print Im using Ryanet Discharge White ink. Discharge allows the cotton to remain breathable for such a large print, Plastisol creates a rubbery blanket which creates sweat spot.

Size print

Inside neck size and logo print is done via plastisol heat transfer, i used heat transfer so the image does not bleed through the garment and show on the outside. I used the printed transfer label for comfort purposes.

Slogan print

I created the hidden slogan print as a bonus message print, i used white plastisol for its durability and ease to print.

Logo and Print

I created the logo using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I did the screen printing myself.

T-Shirt Cost 

T-Shirt Blank    $6.00 Australian Dollars

                         $4.28 US Dollars

Printing Cost    $8.00 Australian Dollars

                        $5.70 US Dollars

Total Cost        $13.00 Australian Dollars

                         $9.26 US Dollars

Updated 6th December.

Found a great quality t-shirt which prints with discharge ink nicely.

I also finished up some swing tags as well

Im going to keep my designs bold and simple for impact and keep my t-shirt colors to Black, White, Red Marle and Grey Marle.

I create all my own graphics, taught myself screenprinting over the years and just finished building my own website with online store.

This allows me to keep my pricing and inventory down till i get larger sales

Im pretty proud of my efforts considering i work mostly in construction.

I have a huge passion and goal for this label, so im going for it.

If you would like to check out my work, iall creative critisism is welcome



Drive the extra mile

Heres some more inspiration from where im coming from




Hey Everyone, 

Ive have started up a label called Bent 8 MFG.

My aim is to create a t-shirt/clothing label thats brings back old time values and traits, when products were made with quality in mind and people were put first.

It's about helping out and wanting nothing in return.


I am inspired by youth and work clothing of the 50's and the hand lettering and numbers that appeared on the those early hotrods that raced on the salt flats and back roads.


The name Bent 8 MFG comes from the early hot rodders when they hopped up their V8 engines to make o faster, hence the term Bent 8.



At the moment im trying to decide on my main logo.

I have found a great t-shirt blank but am currently giving it a brutal wash and wear treatment to make sure it  holds together and doesn't twist, shrink or fade.

Also with large prints i found that if you use Plastisol ink you tend to sweat under the print, so im going to run with Ryanet discharge ink which dyes the cotton instead allowing it to breath.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Drive the extra mile.


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