Benny Gold ( Johnny Muffin Cakes Class)



Here's my Benny Gold graphic. I'm really excited how it came out and I have all of you to thank. 

Chris, you've been such an inspiration and I appreciate you sharing your gift. 

Thank you Thank you Thank you.


More proress on the face thanks to all your suggestions!

Also, I am trying to work in the text to work as eyes too.

Any more suggestions would help.


April 29th

Updates on face. 

April 28

Here's some updates.

As you can see I'm really pushing the underwater look and trying to work on the composition. 

I also decided to use a less cryptic text to tie in the brands style. 


Hello Eveyone!

Here's some updated work on my Benny Gold graphic.

After looking deeper into Benny's brand I began to notice all his hidden symbols throughout his work...(PAP3R AIRPLAN3S) This got me really excited because the more I looked into his work, the more planes flew by...With that in mind I concentrated on theme as well as really trying to be tricky with those planes.

Like I initially stated; Benny is a great example of someone who knew deep down what made him happy and he actually acted upon it....Benny Gold brand. 

In my design I tried to convey the idea  of understanding what makes you happy but unfortunately not acting upon it and burying it deep inside you.

It sounds dark and it is but I'm leaving the glass up to you to decide whether it's half full or half empty hense my take on "The sunken head of egyptian god Hapi, which was later discovered some 5000 years later."

So yeah, discovering yourself. 

Hope you enjoy and send feedback if you'd like!



Hey Everybody!!!

I'm Scotty and the flavor I chose was Benny Gold.

Something about Benny's character and understanding of self stood out to me.

For instance,

I dug this. 

I also enjoyed his recognition of what makes him happy. 

And of course his designs!!!

So yeah, I plan on tapping into that mindset and hopefully creating something that evokes emotion. 


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