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Benjamin Santiago, Programming Graphics log.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there!

So I'm just going to use this to document my progress as I go through the videos/lessons. I actually have pretty decent experience with Processing, AIR/as3 before that and am currently starting to learn more about C++ and Openframeworks. I am still working with Processing as a way to prototype things quickly. I also still like it because it is probably one of the most elegant IDE's out there (compare this to Eclipse, Visual Studio, lose a lot in horsepower with the Processing IDE, but you gain a lot in immediacy). 

I'm interested in refining my notion of randomness, finding a better relationship between my interest in programming and my drawing/animation process, seeing how Joshua Davis explains and understands stuff, what's doin with the new Hype framework for Processing, seeing other peoples work, and experiencing Skillshare.


09 21 2013:

So as an introduction here is some stuff that I've done before this class:

88 Drawings. I did 88 drawings in ballpoint pen, in this new more graphic style I had been playing with for a while. I had only done HTML, and bad AS3 at this point.  A lot of repeated elements/"characters", and you can see how there is a kind of "generative-art-like" aesthetic to the compositions. You can see them all here if you want:

Benjamin Santiago, 88 Drawings, pink 02

Benjamin Santiago. 88 Drawings. White 05.

"Reggae Inna Queens flyer" 

I did this in processing. basically just taking a bunch of drawings, randomly rotating them, then stitching them back together in photoshop. (more here:

Reggae Inna Queens flyer.

(raw program output)

An air program (actually with the old AS3 hype framework), that did pretty much the same thing as the program above except randomly colored them. It also had a bunch of sliders and stuff to control, alpha channel, how many images were in each layer and stuff like that. More info here:

SWOON. animation, music, MaKey MaKey. The randomness here (determining what kind of "clustering" with the animation, and where each animation went) was pretty dumb, though hopefully some of the animation distractions from that

I've put up a video here (there's no titling yet though):



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