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Tayler Mitchell

Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Hand Letterer



Bengal Tiger

For my project I chose to do the tiger. I love big cats, they're so magestic and beautiful. Tigers are my favorite and one day I will have one as a pet. (Ok, maybe that day won't happen when I'm alive but in heaven I'm pretty sure I'll be able to have a pet tiger....we'll be buds and he won't want to eat me.)

Anyway, I chose the Bengal Tiger that originates from India so I could incorporate some of India's culture into the drawing. 

Here's my inspiration board. 

And here's my sketch . . . . 

I'd be lying if I say I got to this point on my first try. But no, there were A LOT of sketches before this that turned out pretty lame. But overall I'm happy with the shapes of this final sketch.

Then I brought it on to the computer and started making guides for myself. I tried to stick to just one angle but ended up needed another one. So throughout the whole design I used mainly 45 degree angles and some 60 degree angles. 

And here's where I'm at now. I don't love the colors. I'm still figuring out how I can utitlize the colors to make the design more dynamic, because they don't do that right now for me.

Also I just feel like it needs.....more. More of something and I'm not sure what. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Actually more than's needed! Please and thank you! :)


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