Benedict Zhang

Name: Benedict Zhang


  • Black hair – diagonal side part, flops in his eyes, slightly wavy
  • Dark brown eyes - turned down at the ends and rounder slightly deep-set
  • Athletic – defined body and muscles
  • 5’10
  • Scar running through his left brow

Personality traits:

  • Very clean and organized
  • Logical and systematic in everything, even things where logic doesn’t apply
  • History buff
  • Dresses on the formal side, business casual
  • Listens to jazz and classical music


  • Has incredible posture(not really a habit but was learnt from military service)
  • Fusses with his appearance when nervous
  • Plays with and rearranges hair when uncomfortable/out of comfort zone
  • Protective of little brother
  • Hates when others fidget


  • Born August 8th 1917 in England
  • Was a medic in ww2
  • Brother was born in 1923
  • He moved to America after ww2 ended


  • Due to his military experience he is rather uptight
  • Stubborn
  • Clean-freak
  • Struggles to make personal connections, only has 2 real friends

 Strengths(added this because I wanted to):

  • Eloquent
  • Well-mannered
  • Intelligent
  • Objective

Internal conflict:

  • Fear of loss (from the war)
  • Learning to open up

External conflict:

  • Meeting his love interest and not killing them (In the plot this makes sense, not so much here)


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