Beneath the divine Star

Beneath the divine Star - student project

Heart racing and millions of thoughts rushing through his mind.

“I’ve had these appointments every year since I was 8 years old. Its been nine years why are we meeting with the doctor this time? Why do we need a fallow up ? I though it was done!”


              Trying to hide the fear in her eyes, putting on the best for her only child. “ the doctor wants to speak with us today, try not to worry Marcus.”


              “remember all the crazy dreams I has when I was a kid? The old man who would read me stories about the far off land where Knights protected the universe from evil set to destroy us all. Do you remember mom? Marcus asked


               “ yes you would go on for hours about the adventurous tales that Mister told you.”


              The doctor finally comes in. a solemn expression covered his face “Ms.Tillerd, Mr.Marcus,” a long pause fallowed with a sigh ”It’s back.”


              After moments of silence Ms.Tillerd looks up “ well what’s the plan?”

              “I want to start treatment here next week. The Cancer is farther along than I we would like but we are not in a hopeless situation. Fast Action is the best course. This is an aggressive disease and we will treat aggressively!

              The ride home was silent,yet; loud. So many thoughts Ran through both of their minds. Marcus Recalls the last time. It started when I was six years old. I spent months lying in bed. Being hooked to machines 4 times a week. There 12 other children there with me. Only 2 of us walked away from the treatment. Only 2. Now it’s happening again.


              After returning home Marcus went to his bedroom. He began Drawing pictures as usual. Pictures of Knights, elves and Dwarves. They lived in the land beneath the Divine Star. A mythical Land Marcus Dreamed about all those years ago. Mister used to come to his bed and read him stories of this land in his dreams. A divine star shined over the land imbuing the people living there with great strength and sometimes magic. The elves and dwarves along with other mythical creatures were Natives of the world.

The humans on the other hand were from earth chosen to be knights. The order of the White. Uncountable They fought of the evil that always seeking to destroy the light of our universe. The Divine Star served as shield to keep the denizens of their world at bay. The knights of the White would fend off the attacks from the few who Made through the portal.  

              “Marcus Dinner is ready Get it while its hot” Moms said knocking on his door.

“coming mom” replied Marcus.

              “I thought we could use a nice hearty meal tonight. I know you use to love this “ Mom said with a small Smile.

Sloppy Joe with a fried egg on top and Bacon cheese soup poured over.” Mom remember when we ate this for a month? You brought all that stuff home from work. When you worked at that old folks home.” Marcus smiled “I was thinking about this last week.”

              Mom smiled genuinely “There is an apple pie in the oven. And vanilla Frozen custard from the Shop down the road in the freezer.”


              Marcus enjoyed this meal. He ate slowly and savored every minute. He knew it would be a long time before he ate a meal that did not taste like iron or ash or dirt. Next his mom Bought apple pie. Nearly a quarter of the pan in size with a large scoop of Vanilla Frozen custard on top. It was starting to melt he ate quickly enjoying the hot and cold mixing in his mouth. How he was going to miss this. The simple pleasures so many people take for granted.  

              “Mom?” Marcus asked, “why do I have to go through this again?”

His mother speechless not knowing how to answer and fighting back tears she has kept at bay since the morning appointment.

              “did I do something wrong to deserve this?”

“My child you did nothing to deserve this. There is not a single act any person the age of 17 could do to deserve such pain and suffering.” Said an old man Standing on a hillside at the edge of the universe. Beneath a white sun.


              “Never mind.” Marcus said feeling a sense of Peace “there is a new science fiction show starting tonight I wanted to watch. Wanna check it out?”

              “Oh, that’s okay dear I’m going to clean up the kitchen and head to bed love you ill see you in the morning. Good night.” His mother said.