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My application will provide a strength training program to help anyone achieve a 225 lb bench press.  The app will provide an 8 week bench pressing program which will provide a customized weekly training program individualized based on the users current bench press max.  For example if someone currently can bench press 135 pounds the sets and reps will be based off off that max.  After 8 weeks they will see a major increase from 135 pounds.  If they have not benched 225 lbs yet they will start a new block of training based on their current max until they reach a 225 pound bench press. 

My idea is to provide this app for free and also to sell apps that are similar but helping a person achieve a bench press of 315 pounds and also 405 pounds.  I plan to do similar apps for squatting and deadlifting. 

Strength coaching is a huge passion of mine and I also love developing software.  I am new to mobile development though and hope to use this course and project to kick-off my new line of products.  I have worked in software development for the last 15 years but mainly building enterprise java web applications for the department of defense. 


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