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Ben Train Magician Logo - student project


Ben Train Magician Logo - image 1 - student project

Ben Train
, a young award-winning magician (and my son) would like to develop his website, Currently there is just a placeholder and the logo is the corner of a playing card. Ben specializes in walk-around card magic for adult parties and corporate events. He is also a teacher and lecturer, publishes books and DVDs and is about to release a movie. One area that also differentiates him from other magicians is  his scholarly approach to the discipline.  As a philosophy and English major, he has studied the classic texts and has developed a reputation as a magic historian.

Demographics of Target Audience

  • Age: 10 and up (when many young folks start getting interested in magic). Emphasis on adult.
  • Gender: Magic tends to attract males, although there are definitely female magicians.
  • Income: Since we want to attract corporate clients and those interested in the academics of magic, we don't want a cutesy logo (no clipart of pulling a rabbit out of a hat!).
  • Education: Average audience age and education would be university/college and up.
  • Locale: Urban, global (he travels to lecture).

Summary: The logo should be sophisticated and elegant and appeal to adults with higher-education.  As well, the target audience consists of:

  • Practicing magicians who are looking to purchase Ben's dvds and books.
  • New magicians (including children) who want advice on getting started in the field.
  • Clients looking to hire Ben for shows or lectures.

Mood Board - Typography

I am still working on collecting fonts but seem to be gravitating towards either reverse font or a font with an inner design. I also like fonts with a bit of seriph or even unusual design.

Ben Train Magician Logo - image 2 - student project

Mood Board - Colour

I gravitate towards rich greens, blues and purples, the cool colours. I particularly like the effect against a dark background. Many of these colours are related to electriciy (flashes of blue and white on a black background) to represent the wonder and out-of-the-normal feeling that magic can give. I think dramatic combinations might be appropriate, as well, since magic is about drama.

Ben Train Magician Logo - image 3 - student project

Mood Board - Concept

I like something sophisticated with a touch of cleverness.

Ben Train Magician Logo - image 4 - student project

Ben Train Magician Logo - image 5 - student project

Mood Board - Composition

A combination of a graphic and text, probably with a sub-text as well.

Ben Train Magician Logo - image 6 - student project

Shayne Train

High-School Teacher, Curriculum Leader