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Ben Howard - The Burgh Island EP

Ben Howard has easily become one of my favourite bands. They have such a strong passion for music and it really comes across in their songs. They have the perfect mix of tranquil and upbeat tunes. 

Ben Howard has always had personally great album covers, like this one for The Burgh Island EP

Which do a great job of summing up the songs perfectly showing how deep and extremely calm the songs are.

I want to continue this theme but with a setting that I've always wanted to create. A night time snow setting, with hopefully (might be a little ambitious) some sort of Northern lights.

Here are a few more images of inspiration:

Cannot wait to started :)


Here is the first sketch for my album artwork.

Using the images I selected I've made a rough idea of how it may look. I haven't drawn on paper in a long time and though I'm very rusty it was actually a lot of fun! 

I've numbered different parts of the drawing just to help explain each bit a little easier.

1) Northern lights

2) Night sky with stars

3) Mountains, tops covered in snow

4) River/ Sea, real dark colour, will be great for textures and hopefully may do reflection of Northern lights

5) Layers of Ice, splitting off in to the distance. 

Hopefully tomorrow will start to draw this up in illustrator! :) 

Digital Illustration

Okay I'm not going to lie, I think I bit of way more then I could chew! 

I'm dead happy with how it currently looks but wow did it take a lot longer than planned. I originally planned for a lot more ice on the water but that was becoming to difficult so for now its been stripped right back. I'm happy with the Northen Lights but I'm hoping that its when I add in the textures the colours and shapes will really pop through. Any feedback would be greatly appericated!

Right, to now start the textures!

First texture


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