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Jaime Borschuk




Beloved by Toni Morrison, Drop Cap Project

Brainstorming. I started by listing all the character names, and that seemed to be a good thing to do until resonating concepts started coming to me.

Selected sketches.

Concepts from top left: Chains, Earrings, 3 Ice Skates, Faces Merging, (Hand holding) shadow, Children in Yard.


Chains - does not feel unique enough to story.
Earrings - hard to visualize boldly/properly and unsure how to scale.
Skates, Shadow, Yard - like concepts, not convinced with sketches. 

*Faces Merging - like concept, was pleased with visual and this feels very central and unique to story.

Vectorized Version


This was a super fun project. I am not an illustrator or letterer, but I like Jessica's work and was interested in learning more about Typography through this process. I am really enjoying tracing/filling in different letters from a speciman book to really understand how they're built. I was also really happy with the pen tool explanation. This tool has always intimidated me, and the minutes of coverage in this lesson made it much more accessible for me. While I did not spend a lot of time flourishing the letters like a lot of other people did (very impressively!), I am pleased enough with my first attempt at making vector letter art. Suggestions for refinements or changes welcome, of course. 


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