Bella's nose

Bella's nose - student project

I was very excited to find a class on dog noses! Thank you so much for sharing your process with us. With the current lockdown situation, I've had even more time to explore courses on Skillshare and I couldn't have wished for a better start than to paint a cute nose to brighten the day.

Of course, I forgot to snap pictures during the actual painting session, but I started with sketching my dog Bella's nose (she's a cairn terrier) with a pencil based on a reference picture. Then I mixed up the following watercolours (and combos of them) in my palette: neutral tint, indigo, payne's gray, and lamp black. Additionally, I used a bit of metallic watercolour for final details and shimmer as well as a white gel pen. Normally I start with the lightest colour and build up from there but I really liked your approach of starting with the darkest. And the salt — amazing texture! I kept adding layers, looking at the reference for shadows, midtones and highlights. My intention was not to create an exact replica of her nose, but still, one that is recognisable. I'm really happy with the final outcome! Thank you once again for the class.

I'll keep painting dog noses for sure, it was so much fun :)

x Salli


Bella's nose - image 1 - student project

Salli Madeleine
nature-inspired artist