Bella - student project

What an amazing class! Thank you so much Cecile for putting together this easy to follow tutorial. As a novice in drawing and digital illustration (6 months in) it was a real eye opener to learn about the values technic. This makes so much sense and will be a helpful tool in my digital journey going forward.

I LOVE the style of the portraits and I am having so much fun making this type of illustrations. Thank you again!


Here are my class projects:

“Come As You Are”

Nirvana inspired illustration. I then added text and a subtle background paper to replicate the feel of a poster.

Photo reference by Jesse Frohman.

Bella - image 1 - student project
“Touareg Boy”

photo reference by abgefahren2004 on Flickr.

Bella - image 2 - student project

I kept the portrait with the black and grey values.

Photo reference on Pinterest.

Bella - image 3 - student project
“Mohammed Ali”

Bella - image 4 - student project


photo reference from Unsplash.

I added a chromatic aberration in the background.

Bella - image 5 - student project


Limited color palette with 4 values only.

photo reference by Diliana Florentine on Pinterest on Behance.

Bella - image 6 - student project