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Bella as Judith, Vick as Holofernes

Hi everyone,

I suffer from acute social anxiety & depression. I needed something to cope while sitting in class last semester, esp since I was sitting across the prettiest girl in school & needed a reason not to stare & swoon at her beauty; so I started doodling pictures of my dog Bella to stay calm/occupied. When the semester ended I found I really missed drawing her and got some color pencils, a pad, and set of markers. I've only been at it for a few weeks, but I am really having fun and recommend drawing to anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. I follow Yuko's facebook page and have really been inspired by her beautiful work, plus I work in a university library with the world's most awesome librarian who is amassing a great collection of graphic novels and comics. I mostly draw pictures of my dog, putting her head in place of the subject of famous portraits. Since I have no formal instruction I feel starting off by copying great pictures gives a great lesson in composition and other things I need to learn. Since I love dogs, football, and am a native New Yorker, I thought Caravaggio's version of Judith and Holofernes, with my dog and Michael Vick, seemed perfect--especially with Vick's recent signing to the NY Jets (as a Giants fan I rarely miss an opportunity to throw a jab at the Jets). I really love all the projects posted on here and appreciate Yuko taking the time to make these videos and share her knowledge. Thanks!


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