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Azlan Shah

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Believe you can and you're halfway there

1. Introduction.

Hi, I'm Azlan. This is my first experience with hand letterting. I am very excited to learn and share my work with others. I hope to get constructive critiques and comments from all of you.

2. Choose you phrase

The phrase that I chose is "Believe you can and you're halfway there" by Theodore Roosevelt. This quote have been motivating me everytime I am stuck and feel down in my life. I hope it will inspire all of you as well.

3. Inspiration and Brainstorming

In the phrase, the strong words I noticed are Believe, Can and Halfway. I tried to find words that is related to this three keywords. After some head banging on the table, this is my list of words:

4. Gathering Reference Material

For the concept, I am thinking of someone hiking a mountain or sport motivation like running. For the type style, I am thinking of vintage inspired type. Lately , I have been really attracted to vintage type. I also try to mix it up with sport related ads like Nike and Puma. Below are some reference/inspiration I had gathered:

5. Warm up

 I choose the word BELIEVE. Here is my warm up sketches:

6. Thumbnails

This is my thumbnail sketches. At this stage, I am focusing more on hierarchy and composition of each word. Styling of the font is not important at this stage.

To be continued ...

Update 1: 8/10/2014

After some heavy thinking, I change the concept to a quote inside the human head. I think this is more suitable with the quote since everything that we believe starts from what we think inside our head. For this concept, my inspiration come from these photos:

Here is my thumbnail sketch:

The mountain thumbnail are from previous session. To be continued ...

Update 2: 13/10/2014

Finally, after days of sketching this is my final artwork. It has been a really exciting learning process. Hope to hear comments and critiques from all of you.


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