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Believe in Magic - 2 week Calligraphy Challenge

My quote for the challenge is 

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

- Roald Dahl

I love this saying because I think that with belief anything is possible. Even a bit of magic! I'm hoping to work on the layout of this as I don't think writing it out as I have is doing much for the meaning of it. Also need to work on the pressure of the pointed pen. It feels like there's either too much ink or not enough when I write. Practise will hopefully correct this when I ink up the quote.


I think I may have added these in the incorrect spot. So here they are again... One of the many initial sketches and the closer to end result below. Can't wait to ink up and get a proper looking photo up (sorry for the quality of my light pencil sketches).




I'm not going to lie, this was diffcult to ink up. I've never been great with the pointed pen (ok I don't have enough practise just yet) but I wrote this more times than I'd like to say before settling for the one with the least amount of flaws. Still getting too much ink sometimes and not enough for the lines that loop or go across and some of the up strokes also. And I can't seem to get a smooth line for the upstroke. I apologise for the quality of pics, not enough sunshine here today and my phone is just not cooperating ;) I still prefer the width of my pencil sketch, but this is why I took this class so with time I'm hoping to overcome the issues I had here.

ps. I believe in magic!! ;)






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