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Believe In Fairies Poster Project

June 30 2016

I am at this again.  I love art and need to keep on working. 

So I am reading Peter Pan and this is a quote that I seem to be thinking about. My emotion is free spirited and happy.

Lately I have had this little episode where doubt creeps in and it will get as big as you let it. I want to have the sense of adventure I had as a kid. I drew and imagined and laughed and I didn't question what I drew. I used to play volleyball and had the time of my life but I was terrible at it. I showed up proud to play and had fun because I was part of a team.

I believe in fairies seems good and the emotion is astonished

Map to organize my thoughts.




perhaps I should of changed my emotion to adventure. I seem to be drawn to this beautiful NASA image and the words anything Is possible among stars  ...oh I am thinking of an Audrey Hephburn quote...



This is by far the most astonishing! I love the personal connection with the universe.

Okay I like to draw pictures and words before I do the mood board to see what I can come up with.


Then some sketches with more detail.



love this idea and can do it with watercolor. It captures the whimspy and the emotion I want to convey - childlike spirit.




Love this one and the drop cap.


My next move

I will take a break and look at them tomorrow with a fresh pair of eyes. With a fresh pair of eyes I can see what I like from each one and maybe come up with a few more iterations that represent the emotion and really incorporate design elements. I want to use watercolor.

Thanks Mete for your encouragement as this is a life long lesson I will never forget.

Final sketch coming soon.


Okay so here is the direction I am going. Keep in mind that I will be using watercolor to really make those bubble astonishing. Not sure about the colors yet. I am thinking light brown with teal and beautiful pinks for the bubbles. I like the n way better in the map sketch. Oh all dots on the i letters will be bubbles. I will probably add more bubbles. I was thinking it could be a fun shape wand?

Okay so here is the Final Sketch.  I may add some more here and there as I do the coloring. I am thinking about the bubbles and want to have some connected and transparent.


Oh I love love the idea of working with gouache but have never used it. I love the vibrancy of it and it would do well with the whole let the kid play theme.  I am working with watercolor paint. I may stick with watercolor pencils we'll  see. None of the art stores near me sell gouache paint. I would have to order it online. I believe I can make it work with pencils and watercolor paint.  I do Love liquid color like Indya ink from Dr. Martins.  I just recently learned about it and it creates a gorgeous astonishing vibrancy!  I have this fabulous teal that would be great for my vines. I can add a few drops of this to my Windsor green.  My next step is to test out color schemes. I will put together a color scheme. Any advice?

Thanks again Mete for your advice and this awesome class! It means so much that you have taken your time to comment and give us feedback. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I love every moment of this - I just get so wrapped in in an idea - I  am an artist!

Notes: I used drawing paper as this is just for practice. 


I definitely will be painting this again - watercolor paper of course.

But wait there's this idea of creating the bubbles in an implicit heart shape? I want to create unique patterns for the butterflies and  who knows - I love all the possibilities!

Here are a few more that I worked on.

I have learned:

I love block letters and they are the easiest for me to space out and work with. I had an idea while I was painting...

Maybe I should focus on one specialty that I am good at and focus on this - like block letters and creating awesome colors.

Eric makes good sense when he said he just drew for the love of it and nothing else mattered.  

I can't push myself to do more than I can.  I mean yes but give it time. I just look at my work and see how I have grown. 

Trust in my ideas and never give up.







Sorry the picture quality is low but I do love the color scheme and the layout makes more sense. I used watercolor pencils. Oh darn the a looks like a u...well I can fix this with a pencil.

Update June 7th 2016

I am working on this project again because I have to learn and love love this idea!

What astonishes me? 

nature, fireflies, butterflies, Neverland, Hogwarts and people

I want to capture the essence of a child that smile so big for the smallest yet most beautiful things like a You are My sunshine's a story



So I feel this is a step in the right direction. I still have more work to do. I will focus on drawing and working with details. I like the wood and floraL in the above piece. I still need to create this astonishment. I want to maybe draw the wand exactly where my fingers are as to give a sense of playfulness for the reader. I want sun reflecting hear and there and some of those dandelions blowing in a summer's breeze...  by for now.

This is an update July 6th 2016 



This is the latest and I do love love the heart that the bubbles create.

  • I need to make the bubbles be two colors- blue and green. I believe this would better create unity and the O can blend in with the h more.
  • The oh would be completely green.  I will work on proportions too. 
  • I think the Believe wood color can have an awesome texture and should be a lighter shade.  This will make the teal flowers stand out more.
  • I have got to get a scanner

I have other projects to work on and I will get back to this.

Okay so I was working on a final project for a texture class and thought what a great idea to work on this project too.



Here we go one more time! August 23 2016



I'll be back to retake these pics. To learn more about me come find me on intagam or my blog.


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