Beirut - student project

I’ve chosen to do a poster for a fictitious Beirut concert taking place in San Francisco. Beirut is trumpet heavy, and very much inspired by mariachi and world music. When I listen to it I get a distinct latin feel. Upon viewing their poster and album art, I saw a lot of illustration-centric, dramatic stuff. I didn’t have time to sketch all my ideas, but the first one, that I did scan, is a giant matador and a cable car. I also might try a normal sized matador and cable car. Another idea is to do a matador with some san fransico victorian houses/chinatown behind it...but whether he is flagging down an actual bull or a prius I have yet to decide.

Beirut - image 1 - student project

Here are some illustrations I googled of sf victorians. Not sure whether I will keep this all black and white, color, or just have the matador and/or his red sheet be colored.

Beirut - image 2 - student project

Beirut - image 3 - student project