Being the best me I Can be

Being the best me I Can be - student project

Who am I?

1. Strong- I am very strong in the sense that I stand strong in my values. I don't let someones opinion get to me or sway the way I feel about something. I also don't need any ones validation in order to know or feel that I am doing what I want to do.

2. Open minded- Although I am not easily swayed, I am open minded. I like to listen to some ones different opinion and take it into consideration. I am not always right and it's OK if I am wrong because I can now work on bettering myself, or seeing something I didn't see before. I don't judge someone just because they feel a different way than I do.

3. Understanding- I am typically understanding of others. Everyone has a reason for feeling the way they feel and I don't need to know that reason. I try to see it from their perspective and give them the benefit of the doubt.

4. Compassionate-  I can't always understand where a person may be coming from but I am still compassionate towards them. I feel for them and their struggle, my heart breaks if they are going through something major. Or I constantly worry about them and wonder if they were able to get to a better place, long after I've even spoken to them. I don't ask them because I don't want to remind them of the hardships they have gone through if they were able to move on from it.

5. Realistic- Although I am typically all of the above, I am also realistic about life. I know there are people out there that just want a violin constantly following them. Or some people who just want to be jerks just for the hell of it. Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt, there is doubt for a reason. I just won't call you out on it.


What do I have to offer?

1. My opinion and advice without judgement

2. Honestly I am still not sure what I have to offer the world. But I do know what kind of content and community I want to create within my fans. So I guess what I have to offer is acceptance and understanding.



The only way I can think to merge my personality and my skill is to maybe create a forum, or maybe vlog about my readers special interests and hobbies. There are always so many forums that target just one specific thing which is all well and good, but you just talk about that one thing and don't expand your interests. I would want a blog or forum that ask them what they like, what they think about it, their guilty pleasures. i love reading about and getting to know other people and  their likes, so that I can expand my own interest.  So that people learn to be more than what they have labeled themselves. For example I can binge watch shows like a pro, but I also really love to be outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking. I want to offer my readers a place where there is understanding, acceptance, and no labels, just you being you. However in the grand scheme of things, I don't know if this is really anything to offer to help me promote myself. 


Game Plan:

Who? My target audience would be Young adult to New adult females

What? A place where you can be you. I would share my interests, ask about my audience's interests and pick some interest from them to try for the week and encourage them to pick their own to try as well. Come back the next week and share my thoughts on it, and ask them what new things they tried and their thoughts on it, then do it again.

When? Maybe once a week.

How? I think Youtube would be a good start, Tumblr, or Instagram.


What do you think about my game plan? please be honest with me, I realize I'm a little lost on how to sell myself. So any constructive and honest criticism is a major help. Let me know your Thoughts?