Being an Artist is Not a Job. It's a Lifestyle.

Hi all,

I decided to pick a phrase that is very close to my heart:

Being an Artist is Not a Job. It's a Lifestyle.

I'm an art student who's in the process of becoming a working artist. One of the most important lessons I've learn from my teachers is that a working artist is not a 9 to 5 job. It's a career that never ends. This phrase is a constant reminder that I must practice my craft each and every day.

I plan to turn this phrase into a 7x14 Print that I will hang up on my wall. 

Here is my  MIND MAP.

Bold and Expressive are two moods I would like to capture in my piece. The words “Artist”, “Job”, and “Lifestyle” will have great importance and emphasis in this piece. The word “Job” will be design as very conservative and bold. Whereas, the words “Lifestyle” and "Art” will be more expressive and lively.

Here is my MOOD BOARD. It was inspired by my mind map. Hopefully I captured reference that represents boldness and expressiveness. 


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