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Behind the Camera: Taking the First of Many Shots (Photo + Film Challenge)

  • Class Title & Description | Behind the Camera: Taking the First of Many Shots


For this class, I will be teaching students in learning basic steps to taking photos and developing a personal style / touch their photos. Along the way the students will learn how I compose my photos, how I use lighting and play with various editing software to get the photos I ultimately end up sharing. The goal of this class to encourage confidence in taking quality photos, seeing how one can make it even better and hopefully inspiring those to pick up a very rewarding hobby. I will include as much quick to the point details to get you started in this wonderful world.

A few of my sample work to help us learn taking better photos together.





Milestone 3: Class Outline (Rough): Wanted to ensure my rough outline for this class is posted for any constructive criticism. My first class plans to be light weight and hopefully gets to gist of basics so an individual can go out there and start shooting.

Milestone 4: Behind the Camera: Taking the First of Many Shots (Intro)


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