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Behind blue eyes- the princess and the chicks

So for this course, I decided I would finally bring to life a character inspired by a real life experience, develop her and tell her story, via a 'hand drawn' 'traditional media' webcomic. 


Character Description-

Internal -

  •  Graceful, yet childlike, curious and carefree at heart
  • Confident, but an underlying sense of unease, anxiety and uncertainity that is not easily detected at first
  • Slightly high maintanence
  • Bipolar
  • Doesn't always think things through, impulsive

External - 

  • Average height, thinnish average build, very thin long graceful arms
  • Blue lively eyes, short hair
  • Dressed in a princess cut, no flair gown, classy, soplisticated, wears a headress
  • Lives alone in a beautiful tower and comes down to mingle with the rest of the world every now and then 
  • Looks like a graceful child


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