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Behind Enemy Lines

Goal-> Find the freed prisoner and complete his mission

Conflict-> Follow the trail haphazardly due to injuries

Disaster-> Bebo realizes he’s in Hades, a planet outside the Inter Galactic Forces jurisdiction

Emotion-> There would be no aid coming

Thought-> Bebo is a man of pride, he has a mission to complete

Decision-> There are grey areas when it comes to the law

Action-> Bebo goes undercover


“Damn you, damn you bastard!” roared Bebo his anger getting the better of him as he forced himself up and started down the trail of foot prints. He didn’t even get a step in before crumbling onto his face screaming in utter agony. Even the adrenaline in his veins couldn’t drone out the pain of his wounds. Detesting he had no other recourse and was forced to use the very bar that took Pier’s life, as a make shift crutch as it was the only that could hold his weight.

It was a slow process as Bebo with his meager supplies followed the trail of footprints into the desert filled wasteland. His wounds reminding him of their presence, yet nothing would deter him from finding Dr. Bradley. Nothing will stop him from accomplishing his mission.

Days past and his wounds began to fester and more than likely are infected. Going through his pack the young man shove it out of sight in disgust. “What a rookie move, I drank the last of the water. If I don’t find civilization soon…I’ll be another corpse for the parasitic insects.” He felt his resolve wavering; his bones were weary. His head clouded from his concussion, yet still in the distance he saw something. Something that both perked his hope and yet devastated him at the same time. There was a sign in the distance, a sign that was alien to his eyes…but the hanging corpses is what got his attention. After all, like him they were wearing the G.I.F. uniforms. “Welcome to Hades.”

Bebo felt his heart in his throat, the dizziness he had been suffering from the last few days hit him like a sledge hammer. He fell onto his knees before these corpses in utter dismay. “Of all the planet’s we had to crash in, Hades. My god why did it had to be Hades…” Hades, a planet outside of the Inter Galactic Council’s jurisdiction. A planet that was not supposed to exist. It was supposed to be a ghost story nothing more. This was no ghost story, by the look of those corpses. There would be no help, no aid coming for him…he was alone.

Fear, horror, and anger played around in his mind. There would be no help, no backup. No end to this nightmare. He was literally behind enemy lines, well a planet full of enemies. A planet filled to the brim with criminals. What’s worst there was a doctor out there who more than likely found refuge with his kin of law breakers. It won’t be long before there’ll be a search for him, if there wasn’t one already. His options were limited. However, the mission has not changed just the circumstances.

As of right now he is on his own. He had no options now except to get as much information as possible. Looking up at the corpses his prayers were answered. “Now to figure out how the hell I’m going to be able to grab those clothes.” With a lot of effort Bebo Lawrence the I.G.F.’s newest recruit became Piers Cult the man who killed Bebo Lawrence, the son of Admiral Lawrence the I.G.F.’s top brass.


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