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#BehanceReviews Zagreb (Team page)

1) Site URL:  Team portfolio page we for presenting #BehanceReviews Zagreb

2) Favorite Pages (portfolio entry):

Designyland portfolio entry


We put lot of effort and love in setting up the whole thing (portfolio entry and event). From the workshop for the poster to the amazing program which everybody enjoyed. I think both results and the process can be experienced through the portfolio entry and I presume that's why it has so many views and appreciations.

3) Why is this site successful? 

Overall, because lot of people collaborate on everything we do and they all get credits for it so many people have initial motive to visit and say what they think and share it. Every entry (event) has its own unique style and call-to-action for community to co-create both the event and the creative materials. Video are also great addition.

I would really like to hear your comments and ideas :)


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