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Beginning typography

Another great class, Evgeniya – thank you.

It's amazing how much time you can put in to choosing typefaces for so few words! I kept changing my mind, and am not sure I have cracked it yet, but here is what I have come up with so far...

For my first one I wanted to make it stand out that I am about both written and visual content equally because I am more known for being about the words. I also wanted to push the image side further by implying photography – and (hopefully) a sense of humour in the final line. I tried to choose a contemporary font for my name and something casual and fun for the activities, as that's the kind of work I like to produce. 


Second one was just for fun... I wanted to add 'appointments available' as a third line.


Last attempt. My name is in a font that to me feels a bit like an artist signing a painting with a brush, to imply that I'm artistic/creative. I like the contrast of these two fonts. Here I was playing with positioning and my current favourite in the second as it reads with more flow and seems to have a better 'eye feel'.



I tried a few different weights of DIN and presentations of case. I also found that I liked how it looked when giving the second line a vertical track of 125%.



For my final version I used uppercase for 'photography' as suggested and this looks much better:



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