Beginning to Bomb...

Beginning to Bomb... - student project


I have been interested in yarn bombing and street art for years, and never knew where or how to start!
 At Art School, I was always trying to find new mediums, new ways with mediums, I loved the idea of stretching the limits of what a medium can do, and always loved artists who managed to really challenge what we thought something could do. To me, this is what yarnbombing achieves, challenges people's conceptions of what wool can do and how it's used, and helping to soften the stigma attatched to street art.

I started with the ol' 'mind map', looking at traditional and newer street art mediums, how we use wool, how I could incorparate the two, what others do, what wool could be used for & do, and and form an identity around my work.

Beginning to Bomb... - image 1 - student project

I really want to expermient with mixed media, braiding yarn and wrapping it around objects, both found and already within the environment. I am thinking I may choose 3 colours, a staple colour combination that I can manipulate, so work can be distinctivley mine. I know I want to start with a piece in central Perth, but am unsure exactly where, so I have chosen a pattern from Yarn Bommbing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiiti which is part knittted, part crochet so I can stretch it to fit almost any thin pole. Beginning to Bomb... - image 2 - student project

I will get started and post work in progress too. I'm hoping to come up with an alias and 'tag' card too!