Beginning drawing

Beginning drawing - student project

This style of zentangle reminded me of the coloring sheets my mom made for me and I made for my girls.  If someone asked for something to color, draw a continuous line and then color in all the spots.  I have been reminded that I enjoy filling them in with color more than line patterns.  I don't have the patience. lol

Beginning drawing - image 1 - student project


And next my pear.  I'm adding my reference photo so you can see the intent of the shading. I don't like my highlight...


Beginning drawing - image 2 - student projectBeginning drawing - image 3 - student project


I'm going to just keep updating this til I finish it!


Beginning drawing - image 4 - student project

banana:  I struggled with this because there didn't seem to be a lot of shade differences other than a tiny bit near the stem and the cast shadow.

Beginning drawing - image 5 - student project


Oh my gosh! I actually drew a recognizable human face!

Beginning drawing - image 6 - student project


I need to do this one again... the shape isn't quite right and I messed up the shadow and I don't have the best eraser yet and it didn't come off cleanly.  But, it's a final project!


Beginning drawing - image 7 - student projectBeginning drawing - image 8 - student project















A second attempt with some advice from someone on a FB group as well.

Beginning drawing - image 9 - student project

And then a few things tweaked as per more advice (that went beyond what you were teaching at this level I think) about darkening the bottom  and I tried to curve the top highlights to the shape of the vase.  Phew, I'm done with this vase for now!

Beginning drawing - image 10 - student project