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Beginning Steps to Creating Beautiful Hand Drawn Mandalas


So Excited, My Second Class is now UP AND RUNNING

Thank you everyone for such a great response.

come see my new class here


My class is officially up and running.  COME AND JOIN THE FUN!      


Have you been admiring all those beautiful colouring books with seemingly intricate drawings of Mandalas?

Do you wish you could try drawing some as well, but you feel you have no drawing skills or abilities.  

Well this is the class for you.  I will walk you through the steps to getting started on drawing your own Mandalas.  No prior drawing skill is required.  All you willl need are a few items we used in grade school math class and a pencil and paper to get you started and you will be on your way to creating beautiful drawings that will wow your friends and family.

My Background:

My background is in business and I have always been a creative entrepreneur, getting into creative ventures. As a self taught artist, I have worked in different fields from texile art to illustration and have been published in both fields.  

While designing circular paper pieced quilts I started drawing out the designs.  These morphed into fun mandala like drawings that took on a life of their own.  Realizing that if I could do these with no formal drawing skills then everyone else could too, I started to share my techniques with others.  I love watching people experience the joy of seeing their own drawings take shape and realizing that we can all make art when we are encouraged and inspired by each other.  It really is all about finding our creative voice and sharing it.  


Materials Needed:

Compass - the kind used for drawing circles and math class.  Not the kind used for navigation :)





Fine tip marker


You will learn a step by step process of creating a basic circular grid using the protractor and compass. Then I will show you how to start creating basic symmetrical shapes within your circlular grid.  From here I will give you tips on using simple shapes and lines to fill in the structure you have created.  Before you know it a beautiful and unique mandala will evolve in front of your eyes from your very own hand.

In the end you will have a compelted design which you can use to colour or hang on your wall as a piece of art.  You will be able to use these techniques to create many beautfiul designs once you know the simple steps to getting your self started on this fun and relaxing art form.

You can see my video outline at the following link



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