Beginning Freelancer

Beginning Freelancer - student project

Hi! This is Sarah. I currently teach full time at FullSail University. Before this I was animating for video games and simulations. 


I'm currently in the process of uploading/relocating my work to my portfolio website, so it's a little bare at the moment. I took down my old site because I realized that trying to keep coding it myself was taking away time from doing the work I enjoyed doing and causing me way more stress than I needed.  

I've recently started doing illustration freelance as a side-hustle and am hoping to add animation to that as well. I love telling stories through images, moving and not, so I'm focusing my energy there. I feel like I'm still finding a personal style to my illustration work, but I'm enjoying the journey. I'd love to illustrate a children's book. Animation is a little more time intensive so I've mostly been doing person work there. 

Beginning Freelancer - image 1 - student project This is an illustration I did for an article about school principal burnout for the site School Leaders Now.

Sarah DeBaar
Artist, Animator, Illustrator