Felicia La Tour

Celebrity Makeup Artist / Life Coach /U



Beginners guide to flawless natural makeup with celebrity makeup artist Felicia La Tour

Lets face it, putting on makeup is a difficult task for the average person. Too many tools & rules and not enough discipline or knowledge. Most women are tired of trying to have their makeup look great so they settle for there go to everyday. 

Well I have good news, I am going to be teaching you the basics of makeup. I have enough hope for each of my students that I know this class with change your perspective on the daily makeup application. Most woman are also very busy so switching makeup from day to night is a great tool to have but you need the steps and encouragement. I am a self taught makeup artist so I know how frustrating it can be to want to just enhance your beauty without looking like a clown lol ! 

So excited to be sharing and giving you tools you can use forever and even pass on to the next person !!!

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