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Beginners Macarons

I love Macarons

The first time I had a macaron was in London only about a year ago on Regent street, but the first one I can distinctly remember was the one I had this christmas in Brooklyn, New York. It is probably still the best I've ever had and contained some sort of beautiful raspberry ganache. Here it is slightly broken and crumbly, along with some others I tried last week in Bristol (plus a macaron inspired grafiti outside the shop)





The Aim

I want to make macarons for many reasons; because they are beautiful, impressive, tasty and because I will finally be able to have more than one! I'm also a terrible baker so I'm hoping this will help my skills enormously.

Orange Chocolate and Lemon Marmalade Macarons

I started off just making dark chocolate butter cream filling but soon found I wanted something more fresh, so I added some Lemon Marmalade and added some orange zest and juice to the chocolate cream which has really improved it.





The Batch

I got three trays from my batch. The first two had two different problems I think based on their positions in the oven, the time I left before opening the door and the heat of the oven which resulted in cracked and deflated ones on the top shelf, and mishapen and flat on the bottom. The last batch came out the roundest, most risen and circular so I think I found my main problem, however I would still like to ask is the 'spillage' on the more oval ones a result of how I piped them or the oven? Or the batch?


I'm really happy with my macarons. Cheers for the lesson! :)


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