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Beginner's Guide to Indonesia

I have a couple of ideas in mind, but for my first map I think I'd like to work on my map of Indonesia - the country where I was born and lived in for the first 17 years of my life. I went back a few times since I left as an outsider looking in, with new appreciation as an adult. Because of the bad infrastructure, Indonesia remains underappreciated as a country to travel to. Yet it has so much to offer. So I'd like to show the highlights on my map. For such a huge country it could be overwhelming for travelers to plan their first visit, so I want to make the map simple and interesting.

My target audience at the moment is the readers of my travel blog at The final project would be digital for now.

Another idea I have in mind is the map of the famous people's tombs in Europe - which is one obsession of mind. A title like "The Map of the Deads" is already floating in my head :)


Before this class I never quite realized that map making can be so creative and colorful. I have always liked hand-drawn maps though. There's something about the simplicty of it that is really attractive. For example I like the map illustrations of Rick Steve's guide books. A couple of samples below (one simpler, one more complex):

I took the Breman vs. Abstract artist quiz and got 83%! The last trip to Tate Modern London wasn't useless after all ;)

This is the map of Indonesia that I drew free-hand:

I'm trying to show:
- the position of Indonesia in relation to other countries. Singapore and Malaysia for example are far more well-known countries, but they are much smaller in size. Bali is so famous that people often mistake it as a separate country, or that Indonesia is inside Bali, but the fact is that Bali is just a tiny island in Indonesian archipelago.

- some of the famous sites. I found that I quickly ran out of space for the island of Java though, so I might need to make one map just for Jawa/Java.


For this unit I'm still feeling a bit nostalgic, so I made map of my childhood world:

Until the age of 17 I never left the island of Java, where the city of Jakarta is. In fact my world was pretty limited in the tight circumference of West Jakarta. All my schools from kindergarten to high school were there, including my future University if the riot did not happen. Sometimes we went to Central Jakarta to visit grandparents, and North Jakarta to go to our version of Disneyland. Even the East and South of the city was too far. Funny how life turned out. Fate forced me out of the country, but if I were to stay, my world would probably not go much bigger than this forever.

I drew the map over map picture created with as suggested by Anne. It's a lot easier that way. I would definitely use the same method in the future.


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