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Brian Queen

Software Developer Wannabe



Beginners Guide to Hybrid Mobile App Development

As of today, 12/12/12 ( ! ), I'm submitting the "meets minimum" app located at the following links:

In the few remaining days until the project deadline, I will attempt to fill-out the app/site with content that reflects my true ambitions and objectives. At the risk of appearing ridiculously over-ambitious, I've attempted to describe them below. One should "aim high", right? I have no idea how long it will take to develop a "reasonable" amount of content, but I have to start somewhere. I welcome everyone's thoughts and suggestions, constructive or otherwise!


  • to provide an introductory guide to the development of hybrid mobile apps for enterprises.
  • to aggregate best-of-breed hybrid mobile app development tools and technologies.
  • to examine related industry trends in "big data" and "mobile business intelligence.
  • to document the resources available to developers of mobile hybrid applications.

Vision for Hybrid Mobile Apps:

  • create a single website that adapts to each mobile/fixed device.
  • incorporate hybrid app design and allocate functions based upon device capabilities and user needs.
  • draw upon resources in the cloud, as appropriate.
  • consider a hybrid app that adapts dynamically to the speed, quality and cost of one's network connection.
  • "dynamic app adaptation" = dynamic adaptation by the app, based upon it's environment
  • the app should be able to assess the extent of each resource that is available on the device and optimize its behavior.
  • mobile devices of enterprise employees will increasingly have access to "big data" resources.
  • enterprise mobile devices will serve as "data collection nodes" that will feed "big data" applications.
  • embedded sensors in appliances, cars, industrial machines, etc. will increasingly be accessed by smartphones or their direct network connections.

Implementation Plan:

  • leverage IBM's hybrid mobile development software portfolio which integrates both native and web-based technologies.
  • create open-source prototype apps that others can use to further their hybrid mobile development objectives.
  • define economic/ROI tools that will quantify the business value of a mobile hybrid app, focusing on "big data" and "business intelligence".
  • evangelize these tools and resources to mid-tier and large enterprise C-suites.


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