Beginner's Guide to Embedding Text In Photographs

Beginner's Guide to Embedding Text In Photographs - student project

NEW UPDATE: I published my first class! There were a lot of ups and downs. Thanks so much for the feed back (and most of all) the encouragement! I couldn't have done it without you!

Here is a link if you want to check it out. 

Hi all!

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and likes!

I've changed the name of my class and updated/edited my intro to talk about the class project more.


In this class I’m going to teach you my method for embedding text smack dab into the middle of any photograph. This method can take your magazine cover, poster, or art piece to the next level. Along the way I'll show you my time tested tips and tricks to really sell this look and wow your client or viewer!


For your class project you are going to create a 3D text illusion using type and a photograph of your choice. All you need is for this class is Photoshop (any version should do) and a photograph (please do not use someone else’s copyright written material).


Here is a link to my intro video. 


Here is my updated intro.

Nic Buron
Illustrator and motion graphics artist