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Beginner Polymer Clay: Cute Plumeria Flower Sitter

I've always loved working with my hands ever since my Dad gave me a little tool chest at age five so I could help him while he did woodworking. I've been interested in all kinds of crafting, but I've always returned to clay.

I taught polymer clay classes and other crafts classes on one of the first large crafting sites many years ago. We taught via chat rooms using words and step-by-step photographs. We made the projects together while we chatted out the instructions and crafters asked question.

It sounds archaic now, but it worked although sometimes we were all lost in translation. And that why Skillshare is the best way to teach using video and visual instruction.

This class is for beginners and seasoned clayers alike. You can do this project as a family or as a group activity. I'll take you step-by-step through the class as we make what I like to call "sitters". They are cute little characters that will sit anywhere, keep you company, and make you smile. They are very easy to make and you can create so many different character.

Since it's heating up this summer, we will be making a Plumeria Flower Sitter. And then for a Class Project, we will make a Snowman Sitter. Then you can use your imagination and create your own characters like a Santa, Puppy Dog, or Witch. The characters are endless.

Tools used in polymer clay are inexpensive since many tools can be found around the house. You will need to purchase polymer clay in the colors for the project. Once you decide you want to progress and learn more techniques, you can build your polymer clay tool chest just like the one my Dad gave me so many years ago.


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