Erica Tighe

Calligrapher / Hand Letterer / Maker at Be A Heart



Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class

I am so excited to have the motivation to get a digital class going. I teach in person a lot, but there are so many people that I cannot reach and I have a lot of people asking me to visit them. This is a perfect solution!


I have been sitting on this wondering what kind of project someone could do or if I could break it down more easily. Half the battle is figuring out supplies and how to use them properly. I thought back to when I started out and remembered just finding quotes and poems that I wanted to write beautifully. SO the ultimate goal will be for students to be able to do this. 

2 years ago I taught myself out of a book and used the wrong side of the nib for a few months before it dawned on me it was the other way. 

Here is what it looked like back in 2014 a few months after learning.


and now I have a successful business where I do this all day every day


Here is the outline for the class:


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