Beginner Gouache Exercises with fruit

Beginner Gouache Exercises with fruit - student project

Here are the results of my gouache experimentations. 

First was the wet-on-wet peaches for a more realistic portrayal. I found it hard to get a solid outline but not sure if this was because of the paper as I was using a generic sketchbook to work in.

Beginner Gouache Exercises with fruit - image 1 - student project

Beginner Gouache Exercises with fruit - image 2 - student project
Beginner Gouache Exercises with fruit - image 3 - student project
I added the more simplistic and bold graphic strawberries into the white spaces. This was using a wet-on-dry technique. I found them really fun to do and can see myself using this style in future work but I do prefer the look of the peaches using the wet on wet technique.

Next up was the line-work exercise and this was fun and continued on from the bolder exercise of wet-on-dry. I found it really interesting to experiment with opposite colours on the colour wheel and it gave a really captivating presence on the page. I like the way the brush allows different weights to the line and though it was an accident, it gave an added aesthetic making it almost comic-book like. I would like to experiment with the more later.

Beginner Gouache Exercises with fruit - image 4 - student project 
The last exercise of the class was SUPPOSED to be a still life of all the different techniques combined but since I usually work in a bold a graphic way I wanted to explore the wet-on-wet technique further to experiment with a more realistic approach. 

This is what I came up with:

Beginner Gouache Exercises with fruit - image 5 - student project

Since this isn't the kind of style I usually work with I am really happy with how it came out despite it being far from perfect. I know areas I need to develop, especially on shadows and observation but overall I have found this really successful and have learnt a lot.

(The pear had originally been done like the pear in the line-work exercise, blocky and lined with purple but it looked strange against the detailed apple so I filled it out. I think the line breaks the piece up a bit now though so I may remove it on photoshop but wanted to show my class progression and process in its entirety here :)

Again, I really enjoyed this class, learnt a lot in a medium I've never explored before and look forward to taking these techniques further in future work :)


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