Beginner Finally Gets It Done!

I am new to Illustrator, so I am struggling with everything from applying colors to cliipping masks to using the pathfinder tools to getting layers in the right layer.  But, I was able to successfully complete this exercise based on the instructions provided and to learn and practice on new techniques like saving color swatches and using rules and various shortcuts.  The part that I had to finagle is using the reflect/rotate tool for the shoulders; I'm pretty sure I was not doing it the same way.  Also, I am in CS6 which is why I guess I can not change the angles on the hair for the rounded rectangle tool.  So, I have to practice on dragging it before the shape locked in.  I guess the challenge for any of these exercises will be for a beginner to figure out what he or she is doing wrong and retaining lessons learned, but the instructions were excellent and I am proud that I finally completed it.  Nice job!


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