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Befriending the Parallel Pen...

I really loved this course thank you, Alice!

The practice sheets helped me to understand the pen better.... I had a set of 3 for a while and never really got to use them, so now it was a real joy... I even got the fourth one for the full set!

I saw a real difference when I started moving my whole arm instead of the wrist...swoooosh! There is someing magical about these floweing lines.... at first I was really intimidated by the 3rd practice sheet, but with time it really started drawing me in... I have this great desire to just doodle watching the lines grow, leaves unfold and flowers blossom...

I am however feeling a bit constricted by the shapes - although it is not about the shapes ( they actualy help to give a better vision and are a lovey challenge giving direction!) but symmetry is my bane!!....

I guess for me Calligraphy is like running - I used to hate it but it also made me more determined to try.... I feel I have very little patience for symmetry... lack discipline.... and this is something I need to learn so at the moment it is a love - hate relationship with the final project...

For now I will delay it and move on into the second course, and hope to come back and make a final 'tattoo' project... when my mind is a little calmer, perhaps....






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