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Ellika Larsson




Before/After: Superhero

Hi, thank you for choosing to have a closer look at my project. I would really love some feedback on my final piece because I am new to illustration and need guidance from anywhere I can get it, so please feel free to make comments on what you think could be improved.

I enjoyed the brainstorming aspect of this class and really dug deep into the "before/after" concept. I initially thought about the feeling I get when I finish a really good book. I would describe it as a hollow space inside of you where the next part of the story should be. This got me thinking - what do the characters do when the story ends? Their lives don't end just because the book does. We know the before, but we can never know the after. So for a while I toyed with that idea and conjured up mental images of fairytale castles and princes and princesses walking into the sunset, but couldn't come up with anything concrete enough to turn into an image. My thoughts then trickled from fairytale heroes into the realm of comic book superheroes. We see them at their best when they are fighting bad guys and generally being cool and kickass. We don't however see them in their down time. At some point they must take off their super suits and just sleep, right? 


I love the image of a superhero just slobbing about in their house in their spare time, eating pizza, watching terrible TV and napping. However, as my illustrative experience is minimal, I thought I would keep it simple and forgo the pizza. Instead, my final concept became "superhero comes home after a long night of fighting criminals". 



I chose black ink and brushes for this project. I usually draw with pencil and black ink pens so this was a nice exercise in drawing to create looser, more unpredictable shapes and textures. 



And some random textures because I was enjoying playing with the ink so much!


And this is the final piece:


Some elements, like the clock, are a tad blurry because I don't have a scanner so I had to take photos of my sketches and work from those instead. Also, my Photoshop experience is basic so I put together an image that fit within my means.

Overall I struggled with the composition for this and I think it has ended up looking quite flat. Any suggestions for change would be most welcome.


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