Before/After Photos

Before/After Photos - student project

I love to have brightness and saturation i think in my photos, but I’m eager to learn how to have those characteristics to come across without actually over-saturating or using too much contrast. 

Below are three sets of photos, in order of editing first to last. 


Recently renovated my house, and this is the home office. Before/After Photos - image 1 - student project

Before/After Photos - image 2 - student project


My notebook and bible that i use daily, along with some flowers I’m loving on my table right now: 

Before/After Photos - image 3 - student project

Before/After Photos - image 4 - student project


A recent trip to the beach, i wanted this photo to convey the bright sun and highlight the expansive sky, capturing a moment of introspection and connection to the vast world. 

Before/After Photos - image 5 - student project

Before/After Photos - image 6 - student project